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Our Services

  • Wholistic year round lawn care and gardening

I offer full care year round lawn maintenance including mowing, edging, hand weeding, bush and shrub trimming, leaf blowing and raking, bark mulch installation, organic soil amendments and fertilizers, dead heading, and fruit tree pruning. 

nourmick back yard_edited.jpg
nour mosque plants front.jpeg
  • Ecological Design and Installation

I offer design work using iPad programs. I have a two step process which includes taking pictures of the site you want to design and making a plant list and collage to imagine how things would look. The next step is creating a site map, a detailed plant list and then I source plants. I prefer to source plants and install myself if its a project I can manage. 

Nour design 1.jpeg
  • Fruit tree, bush and berry pruning

nour grape pruning.jpeg
nour fig tree prune_edited.jpg
nour apple and raspberry prune.jpeg
  • food gardens and systems

Let me help create a beautiful vegetable garden and experiment with food forest systems. Combine fruit trees, berries, herbs, perennials and  flowers to help feed bees, butterflies, and create a healthy eco system. Add raised garden beds to grow food at home! 

nour raised bed madeline.jpeg
nour gardening 5.jpeg
  • Pressure washing 

nour pressure washing1.jpeg
nour srila pressure wash best.jpeg
nour shapiro pressure washing 1.jpeg
  • Roof and gutter cleaning

We scrape, clean and wash roofs sans chemicals and gutters to remove debris. For areas with lots of fir needles, we recommend installing Atlas gutter guards which we can do

nour gutter guards1.jpeg
nour clean roof 6.jpeg
nour roof cleaning 2.jpeg
  • Painting and staining

Prepare for Oregon rain by hiring us to pressure wash, clean, sand and paint or stain fences and decks, or do touch up painting

nour deck paint 2.jpeg
nour arpita paint fence 1.jpeg
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